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Nowadays, with the promotion of low-carbon economy and the implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, incandescent lamps that have been widely used have been phased out, and LED lights have become mainstream. LED lights have the advantages of low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life, etc. However, due to the unevenness of the manufacturers, the LED lights on the market are also mixed. Then, when you buy LED lights, you need to pay attention to what, the industry insiders give you support.

When choosing LED lights, the first point that needs to be mastered is the quality of the lights, especially the safety. When choosing a lamp, you can't just try to be cheap. Check the warranty book and the certificate is complete. Although the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the price is too cheap, the quality is not enough, there are safety hazards, which may cause a fire.

The second point to be aware of when choosing an LED light is to look at the color temperature. The light source of the LED light is blue light, not a continuous spectrum, because it may be harmful to the retina and attacked, but the home lighting products produced by regular manufacturers can control the blue light to reach the Blu-ray exemption level RG0. When consumers choose, they can distinguish the safety of LED lights by paying attention to the color temperature index of LED lights. Generally with 3000K color temperature, the overall home effect will be warmer. If you use a high color temperature of 5000K color temperature, the probability of producing blue light is relatively large, the strobe is relatively high, the damage to the eyes will be relatively large, and then the whole home is taken. The atmosphere does not have that warm feeling.

The third point of picking LED lights is to look at the color rendering index of the luminaire. If the object is illuminated by the light, the color is more restored and the realism is better, then it is better.

The fourth point is to look at the driver of the LED light. The drivers are all electronic devices, and the temperature is too high for problems. At present, LED lights on the market are available in low to high grades: molded case, car case, and aluminum case. The aluminum shell is currently the best on the market, and it dissipates heat quickly. And the plastic case can't talk about any heat dissipation. When you buy it in a physical store, you may want to let the store open it. It doesn't matter if you are a layman. You can know it when you compare it. Good lamps are certified by the state's authority. The outer casing is made of anti-flame retardant materials and has the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

The fifth point is to look at the chip of LED lamps. The LEDs are LEDs. Different chips have different prices and different effects. Generally, the chips with good quality and high price are imported from abroad. If the funds are not sufficient, you can buy domestic famous brands.

In addition, we must remind everyone that when the lamps are bought home, they must be carefully inspected. After all, the lamps are fragile items. After long-distance running, scratches or damage may occur, which may affect the use effect.