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Anti-cracking effect of led filament bulb

Update:13 Jul 2019

    Led filament light bulb is also called led filament […]

    Led filament light bulb is also called led filament lamp anti-split glue, led bulb lamp protection glue. Its main function is to prevent glass debris from falling to the ground when the bulb is dropped from a high place, to avoid accidents such as glass cuts and punctures. When the glass bulb product accidentally falls during transportation and use, the glass breakage will not spread and spill over the ground, but will be wrapped by the protective film to protect the explosion-proof and crack-proof.

    Explosion-proof glue is easy to use and process. It can be attached to the glass cover of the bulb after dip coating, spray coating and spraying on the surface of the bulb glass. It can be transparent, high temperature resistant, non-sticky and non-yellowing. Protective film. Suppose a black metal object, for example, the filament of an incandescent light bulb, begins to heat it. As the filament heats up, it begins to glow. As the heating temperature gets higher, it is red, then yellow, white. And then all kinds of shades of blue.

    The use of the terms "warm" and "cool" in led filament bulbs is actually somewhat contradictory, because, in terms of Kelvin's temperature scale, "cool" light is actually hotter than "warm" light. The term warm and cool is not intended to describe the actual temperature of the light flame used to produce, but rather to "aesthetize" the light generated by these lights.

    At the same time, the color temperature rating is not always completely meaningful for itself. For example, the color temperature measurement of sunlight is about 5600K, but the actual temperature of the sun itself varies greatly (internal to millions of degrees), which is perceived by us. The amount of solar energy emitted by the visible portion of the light is rated at its approximate color temperature.