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Are LEDs and energy-saving lamps the same

Update:28 Mar 2019

We generally say that the energy-saving lamps are actua […]

We generally say that the energy-saving lamps are actually a kind of fluorescent lamps. They are the same as the original fluorescent tubes. They all need electronic ballasts to heat the filaments to more than one thousand K. The filaments radiate electrons to excite the mercury vapors to emit ultraviolet rays, and the ultraviolet rays hit the tubes. The phosphor of the wall causes visible light to be emitted.
Compared with LED lamps, energy-saving lamps have large starting current, slow starting speed and short life (average 8000 hours). If they are frequently switched, they will consume more power. LED energy-saving lamps do not have these drawbacks. The operating voltage of a single LED is below 3V, the DC current is <20mA, it is very safe, and there is no stroboscopic. The theoretical average service life can reach 50,000 hours.

Since high-brightness LEDs are emerging technologies, domestic manufacturers do not currently have the cutting-edge production technology, so domestic LEDs generally have a large light decay (1000 hours and 30%), while imported high-light and low-light products (1000 hours <5%) The price is more expensive.
Since a single LED bulb cannot be made very large, a general LED bulb is formed by connecting a plurality of LEDs in series. LED lights are not as light as fluorescent or incandescent lamps, and the angle of illumination is relatively small.