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Conventional faults and solutions for LED point sources

Update:12 Oct 2019

Nowadays, with the change of lifestyle, people work mos […]

Nowadays, with the change of lifestyle, people work most of the time, and there may be overtime at night. In such a city, if there is a dark city, how poor it is for a city. Only the last light, in order to beautify the city, at night to facilitate travel, to understand the signs, then now is the lighting project to do, especially in some hotels, office buildings, buildings, and other places, lighting engineering is absolutely indispensable.

Conventional troubleshooting method

The root of the problem lies in the solution. All the lights are not lit. The power cord is short or inverted or has no electrical checks. The positive and negative connectors of the hot and hot wires are only connected to the main power supply, all the lights are on, and the white light does not receive the signal.

Check that the controller is working properly.

Check that the data connected to the controller is in good contact with the signal terminal and is connected.

Is there a program corresponding to the lamp IC in the SD card, only the partial lamp is discolored, and the portion that does not change color on the back side is wrong, and the next signal that does not change the lamp.

Signal, magnetic circuit and short circuit. The input and output are reversed. Check if the clock wires of the two lamps are connected one after the other with the data cable, if it is loose, the contact is poor, and the first xenon lamp is replaced.

The connecting lines of each line are wrapped with waterproof tape respectively; when the local GND is not good or not connected, the local light is bright and the white light supply voltage is insufficient, and the power supply voltage from the power line to the bright white light down street lamp or other places is insufficient.

1. Check the ground wire of the flashing light and the ground wire of the last lamp.

2. Connect the negative poles of multiple power supplies.