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Describing the LED lamp itself

Update:11 Jan 2020

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light emitting tube, versat […]

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light emitting tube, versatile power electronics, light and fixed semiconductor devices, and direct power conversion. LED-like heart, one semi-solid crystal,

One end attached to the crystal piece, one end is fixed, one end is connected to the power supply, and the used piece is sealed. Partial composition of semiconductor crystal, partially P-type semiconductor, occupied occupation status of semiconductor, main electronic. However, when the semi-autonomous body comes and goes, one piece of PN is formed. The function of the electronic distribution system is as follows: the temperature of the electronic device, the direction of the electronic meeting, the position of the electronic device in the P zone, the status of the electronic device in the P zone, the output of the photon.

Firstly, the LED lighting device is a representative indicating light source, the various color light LED traffic lights will be used on the large screen, and the display will be used for the general purpose. Less than 12 English-colored traffic light lamps, originally used in Bimei, long life, low light efficiency 140 tile white light lamp, light source of 2000 light. 90% loss of light after color light emission, only 200 flashes of light. Lumineds Corporation has adopted 18-color LED light source, in the absence of comprehensive electric circuit, 14 tiles, and instantaneous production and simultaneous light effect. An important area for LED light sources.