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Analysis of the application of LED lamps and linear lamps in the United States market

Update:04 Aug 2016

LED linear lamps and lanterns, including lamp panel, pa […]

LED linear lamps and lanterns, including lamp panel, panel lamp, hanging lamp, as well as the use of LED light source (such as T8 LED lamp) of the linear lamps.

1LED tube

Linear fluorescent lamp (such as T5, T8 and T12) are widely used in commercial and industrial lighting, because of its low cost, high efficiency and long life characteristics, linear fluorescent lamp in the United States still has great advantages, such as T5 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts, luminous efficiency can reach 108 LM / W, and as long as the price of $4 / 1000 lumens.

Integration of the LED line lamp in 2014 the market average price of $53 / 1000 lumens, almost 10 times more than the traditional linear fluorescent lamp. According to statistics, integrated LED lamp disc in 2014. The average luminous efficiency for 93 lumens / watt, was also slightly down in fluorescent lamps, but by the end of 2014, some integration LED linear lamp luminous efficiency do 139 LM / W, at the beginning of the year of 2015, even as high as 150 lumens / watt. 2012 integration LED linear lamp when the dosage is 70 million units, 2013 is 450 million (an increase of 3.8 million units), 2014 is 980 million (an increase of 5.3 million sets); prices from $66 in 2012 / 1000 lumens down to 2014 from $53 thousand lumens.


2 integrated LED linear lamps

Although the LED tube is the integration of LED lamps and lanterns cheap, but the price is compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp your many, LED lamp in 2014 the market average price is $17 / 1000 lumens, almost 10 times the price of the straight tube fluorescent lamp. The average luminous efficiency of LED lamp for 2014 of 108 LM / W, almost comparable to the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamp. LED lamp 2014 the highest luminous efficiency reached 148 lumens / watt, has been a breakthrough in early 2015 150 lumens / W, is expected to future luminous efficiency will be further enhanced. 2012 LED lamp when the dosage is 40 million, in 2013 is 7 00000 (growth of 30 million), 2014 is 270 million branch (growth of 200 million); prices from $28 in 2012 / 1000 lumens down to 2014 $17 thousand lumens.


3LED tube

According to the U.S. Department of energy statistics, in 2014 the total amount of the United States linear lamps are 987000000 sets, including 12500000 sets of (integrated LED lamps +LED lamps) use LED, only 1.2%, the other is the fluorescent lamp T5 accounted for 17%, 10% of the fluorescent lamp T8, 72%.