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Energy saving lamp for home lighting simple description

Update:19 Oct 2018

With the increasing awareness of environmental protecti […]

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, today's homes have also begun to promote "green lighting", and people began to respond to the call for energy conservation. "Green photo
Energy saving lamp recycling refuses pollution
Energy-saving lamp recycling refuses pollution (6 photos)
 "Ming" refers to the use of scientific lighting design, the use of high efficiency, long life, safety and stable performance of lighting electrical products, improve the conditions and quality of people's work, study, life. But if the design is not good, quality lighting equipment can not Play the most effective role.
Note that the choice of lamp power is always safe from the most basic elements. The light bulb is a commonly used electric light source in the home, and whether the power selection is appropriate is directly related to the lighting effect.
First, consider the relationship between room space and lighting effects. Soft, clear lighting depends on the cooperation of the lampshade and the light bulb. The intensity of the light bulb will affect people's visual effects, vision protection and physical and mental health.
Secondly, considering the room space and the brightness of the illumination, the power of the bulb is too large to waste electric energy, and it is easy to generate heat, which may cause various accidents; the power can be selected too small, and the better lighting effect is not achieved. Can refer to the following standards: 15~18 square meters of lighting for 60~80 watts; 30~40 square meters for 100~150 watts; 40~50 square meters for 220~280 watts; 60~70 square meters for 300~350 Tile; 75~80 square meters in 400~450 watts.
Usually the lighting of the bathroom is 2 watts per square meter; the restaurant and kitchen are enough for 4 watts per square meter, while the study and living room are larger, 8 watts per square meter;
Table lamps on desks and bedside tables are available with 15 to 60 watt bulbs, preferably no more than 60 watts.