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Energy-saving lamp in the use of home lighting

Update:16 Nov 2018

master bedroom Dressing tables and wardrobes require br […]

master bedroom
Dressing tables and wardrobes require brighter light and reading lighting around the bed. The last thing to consider is the soft light bulb.
Children's bedroom
For rooms for children in their teens, adjustable spotlights combined with adjustable clip-on spotlights and mounted on a movable track can be installed anywhere in the house to provide good lighting flexibility.
Reading requires relatively high illuminance, and the amount of correction depends on the reader's age. In general, the minimum illumination on a visual job (ie, a book, magazine, etc.) is 400 lux.
For detail work or hobbies such as sewing and woodworking, Energy-saving lamp,bright white halogen lighting is the right choice, it will reduce eye fatigue. Incorrect lighting can make people who are in front of the computer screen feel tired for a long time. To ensure that there is enough overhead lighting to illuminate the keyboard area, avoid glare and screen reflections. The desk lamp should leave the screen at an angle to avoid fatigued reflections. In order to create brighter light in a special area of the room, for example for reading, try to use a halogen bulb with a shade without damaging the atmosphere of the room, which will provide direct light where you need it. Halogen-like lamps are suitable for conventional lamp fittings and have the same illumination as halogen lamps. So you don't need to buy special accessories to enjoy the benefits of halogen lighting.
Traditional floor or standard lights are simple and excellent. It provides plenty of upward light (environmental lighting) and allows for comfortable and meticulous reading.
The warm light that shines close to the tabletop will create an intimate space and draw people around the table. Sidelights, table lamps or vertical lights, mostly with a light brown or earthenware lamp, will provide a completely different, soft dining atmosphere. The final tip - halogen lighting takes full advantage of the original color of your food. Natural white light does make your food look more colorful and delicious.
The bathroom needs to have good general illumination throughout the room, as well as partial illumination of the mirror.
Safety considerations are extremely important in the bathroom. There is no switch in the bathroom, only the pull switch is used. Accessories should be steam and water resistant. If you have any questions, please consult a fully qualified electrician. There are fully waterproof lighting accessories available, which are very lively and stylish when placed in a shower unit.