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Energy-saving lamps can be divided into two categories

Update:07 Jun 2018

Energy-saving lamps can be divided into two categories: […]

Energy-saving lamps can be divided into two categories: self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (electronic energy-saving lamps) and single-ended fluorescent lamps (PL plug-in energy-saving tube lamps).
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamps come with a full set of control circuits for ballasts and starter lamps, and are equipped with screw-type lamp holders or socket-type lamp holders. The circuit is generally enclosed in a housing and the control circuit in the lamp assembly is dominated by high frequency electronic ballasts. This integrated compact energy-saving lamp can be directly mounted on the lamp base of a standard incandescent lamp, and the incandescent lamp can be directly replaced, which is convenient to use. A single-end fluorescent lamp refers to a single-lamp low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp. Most of the light emitted by the discharge is activated by a UV-activated phosphor coating. Can be removed from the lamp, used in specially designed lamps, with the control circuit integrated with the lamp, to achieve the purpose of decorative or optimized lighting design. The lamp cap has two pins (2P) and four pins (4P). The two-pin cap contains a starter (also known as a jump bubble) and an anti-interference capacitor, while the four-needle cap has no circuit components.
Smart type
Intelligent energy-saving lamps are the latest trends in the development of the industry. Intelligent lamps are equipped with energy-saving lighting products with automatic sensor switches. This high-tech product can detect the human body's activity and perform corresponding opening and closing operations to achieve energy-saving purposes.