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Energy-saving lamps in the living room and dining room

Update:01 Nov 2018

Think of lighting as a series of layers. Start with the […]

Think of lighting as a series of layers. Start with the main illumination, but make it slightly darker than the required illumination. It can be supplemented by other spots, some for effects, some for special tasks, such as bright light for reading and sewing after the sofa. The use of many side lights and desk lamps is sensible and can be used to meet the requirements where and when needed. The use of soft color bulbs in these types of luminaires can really enhance your color design. Never forget the spotlight. The spotlight directs a unique feature that adds true style and elegance. Designing the lighting in your living room allows you to control changes in mood – from pure practicality to highly refined and elegant.

The overall lighting creates a bright, warm atmosphere throughout the room. For a more intimate feel, use soft, warm wall sconce, or white light, or a little color, which will enhance the color design of your room. The last popular practice is to try to focus on the fireplace, favorite paintings or decorations with spotlights. Using two or three spotlights gives you more control. Lighting can significantly improve cabinets with glass doors. The small halogen lamp in the cupboard can highlight the internal objects and show the true depth and style of the room. This is called accent lighting because it highlights some objects. The larger cupboard provides a rich, warm background for the entire room.
The usual solution is to hang a single luminaire on a table. Two or three small but matching fixtures may be used for larger tables. A luminaire with glass or curtains that provides some direct illumination on the face is preferred. The use of a dimmer is very useful, it can be adjusted to suit accidents or work, or simply illuminate the table legs as part of the "landscape" of the living room when the table is not in use.