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From the 4 aspects, the lighting design has brought great changes to the home

Update:26 Oct 2019

LED downlight is the key Successful decoration must be […]

LED downlight is the key

Successful decoration must be inseparable from successful lighting design. Choosing the right luminaire, doing a good job of light distribution, the overall home improvement effect is completely different! Here, we will learn more about the luminaires represented by LED downlights, which will bring great changes to the home.

Optimize texture

With the emphasis on the quality of home improvement lighting, color rendering has become a focus of attention. For example, if you choose a LED downlight with a high color rendering index, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the color of the sofa at home is “changed”, and the original wooden floor is originally the color of the orange instead of the original. Thought dark brown...

In other words, how to improve the color rendering of lights (LED downlights, etc.) will make the furniture look "better" and optimize people's experience. In general, the greater the uniform color difference of the LED luminaire, the worse the color rendering of the light source to the color, and even a significant chromatic aberration occurs, and the Ra value is lower. Light sources below 20 are not suitable for normal use. LED downlights with high-quality color rendering index on the market can usually achieve Ra≥85, and more excellent can reach Ra≥90. This high-intensity light source can show a more realistic color of the furniture, higher saturation and brighter color.

Adjust the color tone

Through the color temperature of the light, you can adjust the color of the home to create a different effect atmosphere.

For example, in a glamorous living room, you can use a warm color temperature to render the atmosphere (3000k);

In the restaurant area, the low-temperature, high-intensity LED downlights and chandeliers are used to focus on the table, making the food look more delicious and appetizing;

In the study area, considering the need for reading and work, the medium color temperature (positive white light 4000k) should be used to create a clear and efficient environment;

The bathroom needs medium color temperature to correct the problem of makeup and finishing.

In the restroom, the warm, soft warm color (2700k) is used to create a comfortable environment.

Divided area

Can lights also help with partitioning? That's right! Partitioning with light can naturally separate the two functions (without hard-boxing) while maintaining the integrity and transparency of the space.

For example, today's apartment is usually a structure connected to a guest restaurant. If a chandelier is hung above the dining table, with a circle of LED downlights around it, and the exclusive light is placed around the table, the restaurant will naturally define it in the living room. A specific area comes.

Highlighting objects

With lighting, you can also emphasize the key items that your home needs to be highlighted, called “emphasis/focus lighting”.

For example, a row of LED downlights is installed on the living room wall to specifically illuminate the paintings on the background wall, so that the beautiful hanging paintings become the visual center after the entrance, attracting attention.

Black diamond series, LED downlights with excellent balance in all aspects

Home is a space that pays attention to the user experience. Good lighting is also a kind of care for the circadian rhythm of the human body. Therefore, LED downlights that can ideally achieve the above-mentioned several kinds of lighting effects are also very high in terms of light quality, color rendering index and the like.

Choosing an LED downlight that is well balanced in all respects has a profound impact on a healthy home life.

The black diamond series LED downlights began to focus on the glare problem, effectively reducing UGR and avoiding yellow spot stray light. It has a soft light, it has been able to protect vision, eliminate glare, and protect the human eye.

The high color rendering index of Ra ≥ 85 is also one of its advantages. It can also support customized requirements, realize the special high index standard of Ra97, and present the color and texture of soft and hard-packed home accessories better.