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How is lighting design applied in different spaces

Update:14 Dec 2019

The living space where we are placed is the world creat […]

The living space where we are placed is the world created by light. A city, a building, a landscape, a street, and a commercial space. Its characteristics are shaped by light and more life-like lighting design to give its unique purpose, style, depth, emotion, color and atmosphere. Human life has benefited a lot from the harmonious and dynamic lighting environment, reflecting the visual comfort and fun, as well as the psychological happiness. Space lighting For business space, designing a good consumption environment is crucial. Whether a customer has a desire to consume is largely affected by the comfort of the lighting environment in which he is located.

A monotonous, dim or The excessively bright lighting environment can only reduce the customer's attention to the consumption environment. Therefore, a good commercial lighting environment should avoid these two extremes. It should be an organic combination of ambient light, accent light and working light. Our design rules for commercial lighting engineering space lighting are: the user of the space should not stand or sit directly in direct light (glare control); light should be reflected through the space to the ceiling (homogeneous texture); Illuminate to create a daytime feel in the space (daytime space). Regional night scene planning Through the analysis and refinement of lighting carriers and elements, we propose an architectural system for urban nighttime landscapes, with urban textures, open spaces symbolizing landscapes, ecological green spaces, historical features, and landscape sights as lighting elements.

Buildings, roads, bridges, Urban space nodes, green spaces, signs, etc. are used as lighting carriers. Lighting technology and artistic lighting methods are used to highlight the characteristics of urban landscape lighting, reflect the cultural heritage of the city, and shape its unique night scene image. Lighting always exists as part of architecture and landscape. A unique night scene environment, the form of lamps and lanterns is often integrated into the building and the environment. It may be an extension of the building structure, or a miniature of the environmental style, or a symbol of local history and humanities. Square Garden Lighting In modern cities, lighting plays a very important role in creating and enhancing the beauty of the city's public domain, especially for squares and gardens.

With our extensive experience in lighting projects in the public domain, we believe that in these public spaces, lighting should first meet the needs of pedestrians, but also create an atmosphere that makes users of the space feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Successful lighting treatments usually need to consider the vertical elements and the characteristics of the square, the main architecture of the garden and the surrounding environment to arouse visual interest, while also combining more functional elements, such as the lighting of pedestrian walkways. Sometimes a lighting process can have both of these basic functions..........