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How to distinguish the quality of LED high bay light

Update:06 Sep 2019

LED high bay light has many advantages such as high lum […]

LED high bay light has many advantages such as high luminous efficiency, long life, no delay of switch, environmental protection and energy saving, etc. It is an advanced lighting product that gradually replaces energy sources such as energy-saving lamps and metal halide lamps. However, due to the unevenness of manufacturers, some quality problems may arise. The reasons for the damage to the common inferior mining lamp are:

1). The power supply is bad; the power supply problem causes some manufacturers to use the inferior power supply because of chasing the low price of the product. The quality of the product is unqualified. After a long time of use, there will be a burning light, a flashing light or a bright light after a while.

2. The light source is bad; the process of the lamp is not perfect when assembled, the lamp bead and the heat sink are not in good contact, and the thermal paste is unevenly coated. In addition, if the quality of the lamp bead itself is poor, the lighting time will burn off.

3) The radiator can cut corners and can not achieve good heat dissipation. The temperature rise of the lamp is too high and too fast.

The repair methods for damaged miners are generally as follows:

The patch type can be replaced by the entire light board, and the high-power integrated type replaces the entire light source. It is necessary to pay attention to the heat conduction and heat dissipation treatment. If the power supply is broken, it can only be replaced directly.