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How to identify the quality of energy-saving lamps

Update:28 Jun 2018

1. Check the packaging of trademarks and products. The […]

1. Check the packaging of trademarks and products. The state marks the following contents on energy-saving lamp products on the packaging: source mark, rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, and rated frequency. These parameters will be specified in detail in the packaging and instructions. If the authentic product packaging identification is clear, the inferior printing quality of counterfeit and inferior products is poor, the font is fuzzy, easy to erase, and there is no manufacturer's trademark and related certification mark.
2. Comparing the appearance of multiple lamps, comparing multiple lamps together, if the lamp shape and size are basically the same, can not tell each other, indicating that it is genuine, because the same type of lamp is mostly mass production Product quality is guaranteed. At the same time the shell can not have cracks, loose, seals should not have been smashed marks, in the installation, removal process, the lamp should not be loose, boring head phenomenon.
3. Look at the fluorescent tube, quality products using rare earth trichromatic phosphor coating, it has high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, good thermal stability, resistance to 185nm UV-induced light decay, long life. A high-quality energy-saving lamp is equivalent to the use time of 3 to 8 low-quality energy-saving lamps, but the price is high, which is 30 times that of common halogen powder. Fake and inferior products use halogen powder or rare-earth tricolor fluorescent powder mixed with halogen powder mixed powder coating, its luminous efficiency is 30% lower than rare-earth trichromatic phosphors, low color rendering index, poor thermal stability, light degradation, short life, especially Not suitable for use in thin tube fluorescent lamps.
4. Look at the quality of electronic ballasts. High-quality products are produced through reasonable circuit design and selected from high-quality electronic components. They have a small heat output, a high power factor, and are equipped with filter components. They have low harmonic content, and they are basically useless for electrical equipment. Electromagnetic interference, the design of the work of high frequency, basically reached the level of non-frequency flash source, protecting the consumer's vision and physical health. In order to save production costs, counterfeit and inferior products can be assembled and produced by outsourcing low-quality electronic ballasts. The quality cannot be guaranteed, and the failure rate is high, which may cause serious fire safety problems.