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LED industry welcomes new opportunities

Update:10 Aug 2019

Since 2016, the LED industry is in a stage of rapid dev […]

Since 2016, the LED industry is in a stage of rapid development. The global LED market maintains rapid growth mainly due to the explosive growth of indoor general lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlights and outdoor LED large screens.

In 2018, with the continuous improvement of LED boom, the profitability of listed companies in the LED industry has ushered in a comprehensive recovery, and the industry turning point has emerged. In the next 3-5 years, with the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, the penetration rate of LED in the field of general lighting will be further improved, and the continued expansion of applications such as automotive lighting and small-pitch LED displays is expected to usher in the new LED industry. The round broke out.

The industry believes that the rapid growth of the industry will drive the demand for LED from production to manufacturing to packaging industry chain, and actively deploy LED industry chain such as Hongli Zhihui, Dehao Runda, Mulinsen, Zhaochi Energy Saving, etc. will win More market dividends.