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LED lamp use

Update:19 Jul 2019

More and more people are paying attention to energy-sav […]

More and more people are paying attention to energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and the government is highly respected. LED is known as the fourth generation of "light" era because of its energy saving, environmental protection and long life. It has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. The development of the market is also very rapid. I did not know LEDs 10 years ago. Diode) What is normal, 10 years later, I don’t know that the LED description has not kept pace with the times. The application of LED is very wide. It can be said that LED can be used as long as it needs light. It can be roughly divided into LED household lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED advertising lighting, LED agricultural lighting.....
      LED agricultural lighting includes plants, animals, and algae. It is now applied most on plants, covering the cultivation, growth, flowering, and fruiting stages of plants. With the pollution and resources of available land becoming less and less, growing vegetables indoors, flowers are becoming more common and can be planted off-season. Nowadays, the development of science and technology has changed from modern days to modern high-tech agriculture, and this breakthrough point is: the successful application of LED in current agriculture.

The main plants used today are high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, most of which are hundreds of watts per kilowatt. These light sources contain many unnecessary wavelengths. Their bio-efficiency is very low, energy consumption is large, and they are absorbed by plants. Only a dozen percent, and will emit harmful gases during use. LED has the advantages of narrow wavelength, pure light quality, high luminous efficiency, rich wavelength type, convenient spectral energy modulation, low heat generation, small volume, long life, etc. It is convenient to concentrate the close-range illumination of the wavelength required by plants. For plant production, intensive plant production with high efficiency, low heat load and compact space can be achieved, reducing the use of plant hormones or other chemicals; for the physical control of agricultural pests, LED light sources of specific wavelengths can be used to lure It also kills pests, reduces the amount of pesticides applied, and achieves safe green production; it can provide effective photosynthesis for plants. Can achieve more than 90% absorption. LEDs are increasingly favored as a new type of illumination source for agriculture.

At present, most of the LED plant lights are made by LED households, commercial lighting manufacturers, thinking that it is the combination of red and blue light. In fact, plant lighting is another subject research. "Light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, air" are the main environmental conditions required for plant growth and development. "Light" is the most important of these factors. The demand for spectrum at different stages of plants is different. This is also an important research project in front of researchers, and it is also a problem that enterprises must solve. LED plant lights from the shape of the current is the most panel type, round, tube, followed by spotlights, bulbs ...., most of the existing commercial home lighting shell replaced with red orchids But this is not a plant light. LED plant lights are to have some special functions, to solve plant growth, increase production, shorten the growth cycle, and extend the flower cycle. From this point of view, it is completely different from home and commercial lighting, so LED plant lights are not ordinary. The lighting fixtures are luminaires that are equipped with "recipes" according to the needs of the plant.