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LED light source features

Update:21 Jun 2019

1. Voltage: LED uses low voltage power supply, the powe […]

1. Voltage: LED uses low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage is between 6-24V, depending on the product, so it is a higher voltage power supply than
Safer power supply, especially suitable for public places.
2. Performance: 80% less energy consumption than incandescent lamps with the same efficacy
3. Applicability: very small, each unit LED small piece is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for easy
Changing environment
4. Stability: 100,000 hours, the light decay is the initial 50%
5. Response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED is nanosecond.
6. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury
7. Color: changing the current can change color. The light-emitting diode can be easily adjusted by chemical modification method to adjust the band structure and band gap of the material to realize red and yellow.
Green orchid orange multicolor glow. For example, a red LED with a small current can turn orange, yellow, and finally green as the current increases.
8. Price: The price of LED is more expensive. Compared with incandescent lamps, the price of several LEDs can be comparable to the price of an incandescent lamp.
Often, each set of signal lights needs to consist of 300 to 500 diodes.