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Regarding home safety, LED downlight applications in these 3 spaces should be noted.

Update:01 Nov 2019

The lighting of the home is not only to provide normal […]

The lighting of the home is not only to provide normal living needs, but also to provide security and comfort for the actual user of the family, the family. Among them, the LED downlight application of these three spaces should pay attention!


Key points: First impression & security

Although people stay in the corridor for a short time, the role is very important. Imagine, at the moment of returning home, if you can't open the lamps of the aisle, it is in the darkness, how depressed!

The traditional corridor lighting often uses only a ceiling lamp to illuminate this space, even without any lighting optimization, only "borrowing" the light from the porch area, completely without considering the safety of use. The human body will block the focus light, and the limited light source will make the corridor shadows heavy, block the line of sight, and increase the safety hazard of walking.

Today's corridor lighting design tends to use point-type light sources, with evenly distributed point illumination, and the average illumination is recommended to be 250Lx-300Lx. The anti-glare embedded LED downlight can be used in the ceiling of this area, and the light is even and the illumination is sufficient.


Key points: prevent emptying, slipping

The indoor stairs are not for every household, but they have to be specifically mentioned! Because the design of the stairs is one of the most important factors affecting home safety. Especially in the case of old people and children living together, stair lighting is more important.

The lighting of the stairs must have sufficient illumination to ensure the safety of the stairs. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether each step is illuminated and displayed when you step down the stairs. Whether or not the height difference will be dimmed by his own shadow, and there may be an accident of falling down.

Therefore, it is necessary to set a linear lamp hidden under the ladder at home, or install a step light on the side of the stairs. These lighting methods are both fashionable, simple, and safe, and the construction and installation are not difficult.


Key points: It is not appropriate to install lamps directly above the bed of the room - anti-drop, anti-glare

In terms of lamp selection, LED downlights can be used, or a ceiling light can be used as the main light source. But when it comes to this, there is a safety issue to be aware of. As shown in the figure below, is the chandelier installed directly above the bed feeling "normal"? But in reality, it is hidden danger!

It should be specially reminded that the luminaire should not be placed directly above the bed. Some people say that this is due to the consideration of feng shui. In fact, putting the lamp directly above the bed makes it easy to feel uneasy, especially It is a heavy-duty chandelier with a complicated structure and a crystal pendant. If it falls accidentally, it is also a threat to safety.

Furthermore, if the luminaire is installed directly above the bed, the glare generated by the luminaire when the light is emitted, and the excessive glare of the glare may also be extremely detrimental to the eyes, so it is recommended to install the bedroom luminaire directly to the area by staggering the line of sight.

Pay attention to the safety precautions of the above-mentioned home decoration lighting and lamp selection, and use LED downlights to design the lighting in the above three areas, which not only helps to create a good family atmosphere, but also protects the personal safety of family members!