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Talking about the types of led commercial lighting fixtures

Update:23 Nov 2019

There are many types of lamps used in commercial space […]

There are many types of lamps used in commercial space design. According to the configuration, they can be divided into ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. Ceiling lamps include suspensions, ceilings, illuminated ceilings, illuminated light troughs, and the like. Among them, hanging lamps include chandeliers, lanterns, palace lanterns, telescopic chandeliers, etc., generally used as indoor general lighting, and play a decorative role. The use of different styles, sizes, textures and other chandeliers will affect the artistic atmosphere of the entire space. Reflect different grades.

The light-emitting ceiling is entirely or partially made of a light-transmitting material, and the fluorescent light source is evenly arranged inside. This structure can also be used for wall or ground to form a luminous wall surface and a luminous floor. It should be noted that the illuminating ground requires that the material be more robust. For example, a steel structure is used as the skeleton, and tempered glass is used as the light-transmitting material.

Led commercial lighting light troughs often use the building structure or interior decoration structure to block the light source, so that the light is directed upwards or sideways, and more as a decorative or auxiliary light source, increasing the spatial level.

The wall lamp is divided into two types: the cantilever type and the wall type. It is installed on the wall or the column and has a decorative effect. Used in conjunction with other luminaires to enrich the lighting effect and also increase the spatial level.

Table lamps and floor lamps have both functional lighting and decorative and atmospheric lighting.

The ceiling lamp includes a convex type, embedded type lamp, which directly adsorbs and fixes the lamp on the ceiling, and is generally used for a shorter space than the chandelier. Embedded lamps, such as spotlights, downlights, grille lights, etc., are more concealed, do not damage the ceiling effect, and can maintain the overall unification of commercial building design and decoration.