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The difference between energy saving lamp 2U and 3U

Update:19 Apr 2019

Several U-tubes are like a straight tube. The more U-tu […]

Several U-tubes are like a straight tube. The more U-tubes, the longer the tube, the greater the luminous flux, and the greater the brightness per unit area.
2U is less powerful than 3U, and no 3U is on. More energy efficient than 3U.
Energy-saving lamps, also known as power-saving bulbs, electronic bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and integrated fluorescent lamps, are lighting devices that combine fluorescent lamps with ballasts (ballasts). In 2008, the state launched the “Green Lighting” project, and urban and rural residents and enterprises enjoyed a certain proportion of subsidies for the use of energy-saving lamps for successful bidders. The promotion of energy-saving lamps is of great significance. However, the environmental hazards of waste energy-saving lamps have also attracted attention. By the end of October 2012, hundreds of millions of energy-saving lamps were scrapped for energy-saving promotion projects. Each of them could pollute 180 tons of water and five or six acres of soil. The disposal and recycling of waste energy-saving lamps caused concern. Despite this, the demand for energy-saving lamps is still growing, especially in the coming 2015, the demand is still increasing.