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The difference between the brightness of energy-saving lamps and LED lights

Update:22 Mar 2019

Compared with energy-saving lamps, LEDs are more energy […]

Compared with energy-saving lamps, LEDs are more energy efficient. The energy consumed by LEDs is 25 percent of energy-saving lamps. This is because ordinary energy-saving lamps still consume a portion of the electrical energy and convert it into heat, while LED lamps do not have this problem.

LED lamps have a longer service life, and quality LED bulbs can last for 10,000 to 20,000 hours, while the same energy-saving lamps have a service life of between 6,000 and 10,000 hours.

LED lights are more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps. As the use time increases, the sealing performance of energy-saving lamps will be gap, and mercury will be volatilized into the air, causing pollution to the air. LED lights have no such problems at all, and they are safe and environmentally friendly.

LED lights far exceed the energy-saving bulbs in terms of seismic and lightning protection. Continuous switches caused by voltage instability have far less impact on LED lights than energy-saving lamps. If the energy-saving lamps are frequently switched, the service life will be greatly reduced.