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The lamp head is divided according to specifications

Update:23 Nov 2018

The lamp head is divided according to specifications: E […]

The lamp head is divided according to specifications: E14, E27, E40 spiral port
B22 bayonet
According to the power size can be divided into: 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 26W, 30W, 36W, 45W, 55W, 65W, 75W,,
Energy-saving lamps are classified according to phosphors: mixed powder, halogen powder, and three primary colors.
The halogen powder has a life of 3000-4000 hours.
The mixed powder has a life of 4000-6000 hours.
The three primary colors are more than 8,000 hours.

Electrical parameters
(1) Voltage range: Rated voltage +10% -20% (2) Power range: Rated (nominal) power +5% -10%
(3) Power factor: According to the actual situation, choose PF>0.6 and PF>0.9
(4) Compliance with safety regulations and electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility EMC requirements
(5) The operating frequency of the electronic ballast avoids the remote control frequency of the household appliance
(6) Comply with stable and reliable working requirements in high temperature environment and low temperature environment 2. Optical parameters
(1) Light flux: The sum of the amount of light emitted by the light source per second: used to indicate the amount of light emitted by the lamp, that is, the amount of light emitted. The general symbol ф indicates that the unit is lumens (Lm).
Light efficiency, luminous flux requirements: less than 15W, light efficiency requirements ≥ 45LM / W; greater than or equal to 15W, light efficiency requirements ≥ 60LM / W.
Color rendering index: ≥ 80
Color temperature: The color temperature deviation is small, the consistency is good, the white is cold light, the general temperature is very low at around 12 degrees Celsius, and the yellow is warm at around 45 degrees Celsius.
Effective life of more than 8,000 hours (lumen maintenance rate of 70% or more)
Impact of voltage fluctuations, energy-saving lamps can work stably and reliably
The connection strength between the lamp and the electronic ballast meets the specified torque requirements