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The life span of an energy-saving lamp consists of two parts

Update:14 Jun 2018

1 .lamp life: lamp life and its raw materials, manufact […]

1 .lamp life: lamp life and its raw materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing equipment, and quality control and assurance system has a very big relationship. Which raw materials affect the life of a product first, and determine the length of life of a product. However, raw materials are good. If the process, equipment, technology, and management are not well coordinated, as long as one link goes wrong, the life cycle of this product will be very short.
2 .The life of the electronic ballast: The electronic ballast of an ordinary energy-saving lamp consists of about 30 components. If one of the original components is damaged, the energy-saving lamp cannot be lighted; if an electronic ballast is used The device is very good, but if the parameters are not well-adapted, the life of the electronic ballast will not be long; if the above two items are all done well, if the process control is not good, the quality control is not good, the above efforts are even No matter how good you do, it's also in vain.

From the analysis above, we can see that making a product is made up of many links. As long as one link is wrong, this product can't do well.
Luminous flux, light decay and light efficiency
Luminous flux, light decay, and luminous efficacy reflect whether an energy-saving lamp product has the effect of energy saving and whether it can meet the parameters specified by the national standard.
Color tolerance, color rendering index
An important indicator color tolerance, color rendering index and optical parameters of the color temperature of the entire batch consistency of the reaction capillary in the energy-saving lamps. From these indicators we can see the three-color phosphor manufacturers purity, its level of technology, it's level of technology. National standard three-color fluorescent color temperature of 6400K CFL color rendering index greater than 78, for a color tolerance of less than 6; CFL 2700K color temperature color rendering index greater than 80, color tolerance of less than 6; to achieve a good energy-saving lamps this level. The poorer energy-saving lamps use phosphors that are poor and the process is inconsistent. Therefore, the color tolerance of the energy-saving lamps produced by them is greater than 15, and the color rendering index is less than 50. This is difficult to achieve for some commercial lighting, especially in some large quantities. Where energy-saving lamps are used, it seems to be dazzling because of its low color rendering index and poor color temperature uniformity.
Electronic ballast material
Yao energy-saving lamps because of its materials, processes, equipment and quality control methods are very good, we turn on energy-saving lamps can see the circuit board components arranged in an orderly manner, the appearance of the components are very good, and then look at the circuit board solder joints , It should be the same size, full of gloss, there is no solder joints, false welding, false welding, as well as circuit board skin phenomenon. Poor energy-saving lamp circuit board components are rickety, components due to poor quality, poor appearance, reverse the size of the solder joints are inconsistent, solder joints are not shiny, circuit board copper mooring and other phenomena.LED T8 light