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Use and knowledge of plant lights

Update:08 Nov 2019

How did the anti-season fruits and vegetables come from […]

How did the anti-season fruits and vegetables come from? The fruits and vegetables we eat in our daily lives may not come from the field, but from the plant factory, planting fruits and vegetables under greenhouse conditions. In addition to plant factories, planting has also entered the home. In foreign countries, there are many family-based planting devices that are not only good-looking but also practical.

Most of the application of plant lighting in China is the way of plant factories, while in foreign countries, plant lighting has entered family life. The plant factory is a large-area application of LED plant lighting to provide the necessary illumination for plants. The home-based plant cultivation mainly uses soilless growth. How does the illumination ensure the growth of plants?

The family-based plant planting device combines planting with lighting to simulate the amount of sunlight that provides the plants with the light and energy they need to grow.

Not everyone has time, space or experience to build their own garden, but a device allows you to experience the joy of planting and the magic of life. The final harvested fruits and vegetables do not even need to be cleaned before consumption because they are not grown in the soil and no pesticides or pesticides are used in the growth process.

There is no need to consider the factors of the family space, put the device at home, sprinkle plant seeds, light and watering can be set in advance, without the need to worry about the growth of plants with lights.

Family planting has not only been through a device, but has even evolved into an indoor horticultural system that not only grows fruits and vegetables, but also grows potted plants.

Whether planted at home or at a plant, plants are difficult to access the sun for photosynthesis. However, indoors maintain plant growth by controlling temperature and light in the greenhouse.