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What are the benefits of LED plant growth lamps

Update:29 Sep 2019

LED plant growth lights are a special kind of lighting […]

LED plant growth lights are a special kind of lighting products, LED lighting, also known as: LED plant growth lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED plants in greenhouse flower lights. Full-spectrum LED plant fill light features: can concentrate the light of a specific wavelength to illuminate the crop evenly; not only can adjust the flowering and fruiting of the crop, but also control the plant height and the nutrient composition of the plant; the system has less heat and takes up less space, available In the multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system, low heat load and miniaturization of production space are realized. LED plant illumination sources are the best photosynthesis for plants. Plants are optimally grown. Experiments and practical applications have shown that in addition to giving plants light in the absence of light, plants are also growing. It promotes the differentiation of multiple collaterals and buds, accelerates the growth of roots and leaves, accelerates the synthesis of carbohydrates in plants and the synthesis of vitamins, shortening the growth cycle.

LED plant growth lamp is a general-purpose plant lamp, which is based on LED (light-emitting crystal diode) as a light source, must be adjusted with plant growth as needed, and solar energy is replaced by lamp light (effect: foil and main scene) The environment in which things grow and develop.

Rich wavelengths, just in agreement with plant photosynthesis, light-formed spectrum and plant growth lamp function range and spectrum width; half-width, can obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum, combined according to demand; can focus on Balance the specific wavelength of light; not only can adjust the flowers and fruit crops, but also control the high nutrition and plant strain; the system has small heat and small space, can be used for multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system, heat load and production space is small.