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What are the common industry problems with energy-saving lamps?

Update:12 Oct 2018

One year warranty If a manufacturer promises to keep it […]

One year warranty
If a manufacturer promises to keep it for 1 year, then its design life should be more than 2 years. We often say that it is guaranteed for 1 year, which means that I can guarantee you to use it for at least 1 year. In fact, a product has a problem. It will light up at the beginning, or it will be lit for about three months. If there is no problem, it can generally use the life of the product.
Plastic yellowing problem
Plastic yellowing is a basic characteristic of plastics. There are many reasons for yellowing of plastics, but one of the most important reasons is the influence of ultraviolet rays. PBT materials are no exception. Because of the process of lighting, ultraviolet rays are generated in the lamps. Ultraviolet radiation plastic makes it yellow. Of course, we can add some UV-resistant materials to the plastic, but this only extends the yellowing time. It will still turn yellow after a long time. However, the yellowing of plastic does not affect some of the basic properties of plastics such as high temperature resistance and flame retardancy.
Strong component interpretation
Since we don't have a special instrument like a lab in real life, we can only observe it from the naked eye and some simple actions to judge it. When we judge the firmness of the combination of the lamp cap and the plastic part, we first look at whether there is a gap between the lamp cap and the plastic part. The gap size is reasonable, the hole of the lamp cap is shallow, then we hold the lamp cap with one hand, one hand Hold the plastic part and screw it by hand. If it can be unscrewed, the combination of the lamp head is not strong.
When we judge the degree of firmness between the lamp and the plastic part and the upper and lower parts, we can also observe it first, then hold the upper and lower sides of them, gently shake and pull, this force can not be too big, nor can it Too small to see if they are loose.
Judging color rendering index
We can light the lamp and shine it on the palm of the hand. The palm of the hand is ruddy and bloody, indicating that the product has a high color rendering index. Similarly, if the color rendering index is low, the palm of the hand appears blue and bloodless.
We can also put a colored object under different lights to compare your feelings about color, and how much you feel about the color of the same object under the solar energy. You can also judge the color rendering index of a lamp.
Judging luminous flux
Judging whether an energy-saving lamp is energy-saving, is the energy-saving effect obvious? In the absence of an instrument, we can only feel it bright or not by the eyes. If there is a comparison, it is better, you can light the energy-saving lamp of the same power. Look at how bright they are (of course one of them thinks that the quality is better, the price is higher, the other is bad quality, the price is cheap), the good energy-saving lamp products have high brightness, even you will feel A glaring feeling, a poor energy-saving lamp like a candle, or like a T12 fluorescent tube, even worse.