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What are the components of the energy saving lamp?

Update:07 Sep 2018

Light tube: The lamp is an important part of the energy […]

Light tube:
The lamp is an important part of the energy-saving lamp, and the quality of the lamp is mainly determined by the powder inside. Usually there is rare earth powder, that is, tri-phosphor, 300-400 yuan/kg, phosphor ( A few yuan / kg) and mixed powder three types, three base color powder is good or bad, imported, domestically divided, mixed powder is mainly three base color powder and phosphor mixed in a certain proportion, the higher the proportion of three base color powder, The better the quality. The cost of a lamp is different. The lumen of a typical phosphor is only about 40 lm/w.
Plastic shell:
The outer casing of the energy-saving lamp is usually made of plastic shell. There are many kinds of plastic materials. Usually, high-grade energy-saving lamps use PBT, (high temperature resistance), flame retardant; PC, ABS, etc., ABS is flame retardant and non-flame retardant, the price It is also the most expensive PBT. ABS is the cheapest, and some unscrupulous manufacturers use recycled ABS to minimize costs. Everyone must have heard the XXX place caused by the aging of the lamp head, causing a fire. The main cause of this fire was the use of ABS, which is not flame retardant.
Light decay:
The luminous flux is attenuated until a certain time, that is, it is 55lm/w at the beginning, slowly reduced to 50lm/w, 45lm/w, etc. until there is no brightness, good powder, its slower decay, such as: Good tri-color toner, only 10% attenuation in 1000 hours, 2000 hours, to 20%. But the powder, like the phosphor, began to decay in 100 hours. In one month, it was almost half. After 1000 hours, there was no brightness, which means that the life of the energy-saving lamp is over.
The energy-saving lamp is broken or has no brightness, which means the life of the energy-saving lamp is over. The life depends on the quality of the lamp, the quality of the PCB and the combination of them (the peak ratio (CF value). Some lamps are the first tube) Bad or no brightness, some are broken PCB, some are not well matched, broken. Usually good energy-saving lamps, life can reach 8000 hours, that is, 1 year, some only a few hundred hours or less, this allows consumption The illusion that "energy-saving lamps are not cost-effective" has arisen.
Everyone should understand the relationship between the quality of energy-saving lamps and materials. In the energy-saving lamp industry, you can buy any energy-saving lamps of different grades, but the price of one point is different, and the quality of energy-saving lamps of different prices is different.
Shopping tips
First of all, we must choose a famous brand. Product performance indicators and product safety indicators have the requirements of national standards, while saving energy is more reassuring. Secondly, light decay is an important criterion for measuring the quality of energy-saving lamps. After the energy-saving lamp is used for a period of time, the light will become darker and darker, mainly because of the loss of the phosphor, which is technically called light decay.