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What is the applicable place for energy-saving lamps?

Update:26 Jul 2018

1. Indoor lighting: high-power energy-saving lamps can […]

1. Indoor lighting: high-power energy-saving lamps can be used in waiting rooms, conference rooms, camera rooms, factories and mines, large department stores and schools with high wattage energy-saving lamps;
2. Outdoor lighting: High-power energy-saving lamps can be directly used in places with a height of 6m-10m, such as stations, docks, plazas and airports. They are also widely used as street lights and light source construction stations.
3. Site lighting: Most of the sites use iodine tungsten lamps, which are actually a kind of high-power incandescent lamps, which are estimated to be more than 1000W.
Commonly used products:
Fine 2U, coarse 2U, fine 3U, thick 3U, fine 4U, medium 4U, semi-helix, full spiral, etc.
The diameter of the tube is 7mm (T2), 9mm (T3), 12mm (T4), 14mm and 17mm.
Some industrial lighting manufacturers have already launched, 6U, 8U, (tube diameter is 17mm) power has also reached 250W, 300W.
Bracket type
With a lifespan of 8,000 hours, the light efficiency is six times that of a normal light bulb.
Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, energy saving is 70-80%, low voltage fast start, no stroboscopic.
The use of pure three-primary phosphor tubes makes the illuminated objects bright and fresh.
The design is novel, with a number of patented technologies. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy material, which is small and beautiful, never rust, environmentally friendly and flame retardant.