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What is the knowledge about the lamp holder?

Update:20 Sep 2018

The lamp head refers to the head of the energy saving l […]

The lamp head refers to the head of the energy saving lamp, usually E27/E26/B22/E14. E27 is needed in most markets. The lamps used in China are basically the same; E26 is the United States and Canada; B22 is the British and British colonial countries, such as: India, Pakistan, Australia, etc.; E14 is a small lamp head. The materials are copper, iron, aluminum, etc. The price is also from high to low. The difference is that the iron lamp head has to be rusted for a long time, and the aluminum lamp head is relatively soft.
Color temperature, in K:
It refers to the color of light when the light is on, usually from 2700k to 7000k. The higher the color temperature, the whiter it is, the brighter it looks, the brighter it is, which is not the case. Then there are some professional English about color temperature, warm color refers to 2700k, daylight refers to 6400k, cool daylight refers to 6500k-6700k, and so on. The color temperature has nothing to do with the price of the lamp. But related to production, usually like 2700k, 6400k, 6500k and 6700k, more commonly used, the quantity limit is not very strict, other such as: 4100k color temperature, the lamp supplier has a certain number of requirements.
Lumen Lumen, unit LM: