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What's the latest game of LED grow light and hydroponics? Indoor Hydroponic Ginseng

Update:06 Dec 2019

I wonder if you have seen ginseng grown indoors with hy […]

I wonder if you have seen ginseng grown indoors with hydroponics. Maybe you still do not know what hydroponics is. The hydroponic system is simply a system for growing and cultivating with water. What is the use of a hydroponic system? In fact, the main use of hydroponics is for planting. Hydroponic plants are not affected by land pollution, and indoor hydroponics are almost unaffected by the natural environment. They can maximize the efficiency of plant growth.

Hydroponics is more than enough to grow some small flowers and grasses, but I do not know if my buddies have heard of it. In fact, this cultivation method is also relatively novel in China. So how is this hydroponic ginseng grown? Come out? The water in hydroponic ginseng is not all water, because nutrients are needed to maintain plant growth during plant growth. There is a nutrient solution in the water in hydroponic ginseng. Configured.

Well, hydroponics can be planted indoors without being affected by soil pollution and grow green and healthy plants. Then we know that plant growth requires photosynthesis. If the plants leave the sun, the photosynthesis cannot be carried out. The effect will also cause the plant to die and wither. This problem Pantech provides the best solution for plant growth. According to the characteristics of plant growth, the best light supplement scheme for plant growth is studied, and the spectrum and wave band of the plant light It is based on the nutritional light that plants can absorb.

Indoor hydroponics solves the limitations of the planting environment, and the plant light solves the problem of supplementary light for plant growth. So the question comes, why use a hydroponic system and a LED Grow Light? I believe that many small partners can't wait to know the advantages of these new technologies, so let's take the hydroponic system first. In addition to the advantages of effectively preventing land pollution and the completion of planting in special areas and special environments, The cultivation system can realize the layered planting method, which maximizes the planting area. One square meter of area can grow 5 square meters of plants, and the plants can be planted in layers.

At present has researched the best spectrum and band of more than 100 conventional plants. The use of plant lights can effectively prevent disease and insect disasters and allow plants to achieve maximum light supplementation. Therefore, the growth efficiency of plants is very good, which effectively increases yield. About 30%, plant growth can be achieved 7-8 days in advance. In many plants, it can be harvested 3 times in total. The effect of using plants can be achieved 4 times, the plant growth is maximized, and the economical planting of plants is improved.