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Where is the LED flood light reflected?

Update:15 Nov 2019

LED floodlights are controlled by built-in microchips, […]

LED floodlights are controlled by built-in microchips, so they can be used without a controller in small-scale engineering applications, enabling dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flicker, random flicker, and gradual alternation. . Users who use this type of floodlights have multiple usage characteristics.

1. The purity aluminum reflector and the light beam are utilized, so that the illumination can be accurately performed, and the reflection effect is better.

2, LED floodlights above the installation application, the use of symmetric narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system.

3, behind the open type of replacement bulb, the user is relatively simple and convenient to maintain.

4, LED floodlights are equipped with a scale plate to adjust the angle of illumination.

The LED flood light can be used well in various special environments to solve the problem that the semiconductor electric light source is too small in the field of illumination and exhibits the brightness characteristics of the service life, thereby providing environmental protection and energy saving effects.

There is no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and the beam is relatively accurate, so it can be used as a substitute for fiber optic lighting, and can be applied in commercial and entertainment fields.

The LED flood light has a relatively high-rate rate reflector, and its reflection effect is relatively good, and the angle of the illumination can be flexibly adjusted to make the beam projection of the LED floodlight more accurate.